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Amaura & Aurorus

Red & Green in Pokemon Origins


★ Shiny Grass-Type Starter Pokémon

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This is our dream come true, the day has come for us to say I do ♡ 

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Hmm, my lack of drawing equals #Art fix results. 10 hours of coloring fun time to finish off @gfillonramos’ commission piece. Thanks for letting me carry out your idea of all of the water #Pokémon starters in their respective evo-hoodies dancing. I always end up adding my own flare to things, so with that said, it had to be a #Breakdance #Cypher. Pun intended. Off to go conquer my liberal studies. Jeez I can lose myself easily. #Crayola #Illustration

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from generation 1 to 6 what do you think are the greatest moments in-game?


Gen 1

Gen 2

Gen 3

Gen IV

Gen V

Gen VI

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Artist: みかゆおかゆ




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